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Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak, and so much more.

I had the opportunity to accompany Phillip to Colorado Springs and the surrounding area for a four day motorbike ride, we had a lot to see! Fantastic trip, scenic, beautiful, and the temperatures were pretty good too! We did a lot of great riding, met some really interesting folks, and got to see a lot of trees, mountains, and prisons! One of the top 5 areas in the US to ride, this didn't disappoint, it was full of mountains, hills, and valleys, each more beautiful than the last. We took a 30 mile long dirt road ride through the middle of Phantom Canyon, truly amazing to think about how it was created and how long it had taken so far, very thought-provoking ride. Pikes Peak was fantastic, gorgeous and windy road, unreal views, really great to ride the bikes up, a much different experience from being in a car. Road trips are a great way to just stare out the window a bit, unwind, and clear your head. Add to that being able to be on the bikes in some of the most beautiful terrain in the country, that's a real opportunity for a good time. We did our best to get to as many great places as possible, we got to see Royal Gorge, an old mining town turned into casinos, and a huge gold mine that we could see from the summit of Pikes Peak. It was a really great trip, one that I would love to take again, seeing all of that beauty really reminds one what is important in life.

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