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The Pan-American Highway

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Simon Whistler has several YouTube channels covering a wide variety of topics, all incredibly informative and very well done. Click the link below to check out Megaprojects, one of my favorite channels.

The Pan-American Highway is 30,000 miles end to end, going through some of the most beautiful scenery the Earth has to offer. If you rode around 8 hours a day it could take you up to 3 months to ride the entire road, that would be quite the trip!

Guiness Book of World Records--The fastest cycle journey of the Pan-American Highway

is 84 days, 11 hours and 50 minutes and was achieved by Michael Strasser (Austria) from 23 July to 16 October 2018. Micheal raised € 60,000 for his charity project to help people suffering from CFS/ME and ALS.

At that pace he would have to average about 350 miles +/- every day, not bad considering that some of the roads are barely considered roads.

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